Tropical Farm

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Tropical Farm
Banana Chips

Tropical Farm
Banana Chips
Product of Philippines    $4.69

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1 x AT202 China Fujian Oolong Tea Tikuanyin
1 x 19" Handmade Wok
1 x 34cm 3 Tiers Steamer
1 x 2 Handles Clay Pot Black 24CM QK2893
1 x Black Ground Pepper
1 x 4.5" Steamer Paper 500sheets
1 x Bul Jjamppong 4pkts Beef & Seafood Noodle Soup with Vegetable
1 x Asian Style Noodle Knife Cut Noodle Kal Kuk Soo
1 x Beef Flavoured Beancurd
1 x Bojenmi Chinese Tea
1 x Black Bean Sauce with Garlic & Ginger
1 x Anchovy Sambal Chilli
1 x Barley Tea 52teabags
1 x Black Bean Sauce Hot
1 x Aloe Drink
1 x ALOE VERA - Lychee Flavour
1 x All Seasons Cooling Tea 20sachets
1 x Black Pepper Whole
1 x Assorted Flavour Nata De Coco Pudding 6pcs
1 x Bean Vermicelli
1 x Chinese Style Noodle
1 x Chicken Sauce Tofu Skewers
1 x Black Mustard Seeds
1 x Bay Leaves
1 x Chinese Style Shrimp Noodle
1 x Chinese Style Noodles
1 x 26cm Chafing Dish Pan (Sukiyaki Pan)
1 x Buckwheat Noodle
1 x Bumbu Rendang
1 x Beef Flavored Paste For Boat Noodle Soup
1 x Caoguo
1 x British Milk Tea
1 x Black Sesame Seeds
1 x All Purpose Marinade With Herbs
1 x Assorted Flavour Black Tea (Lemon, Strawberry, Mint)
1 x Black Pepper Powder
1 x 50pcs Plastic Round Lids BS-4L
1 x Black Coffee Sugar Free
1 x Black Cardamon Pods
1 x Bumbu Tongseng (Lamb in Tongseng Seasoning)
1 x 5mm Rice Sticks (Preparation Alimentaire)
1 x Banlangen Beverage 20 sachets
1 x 2 Handles Clay Pot 18.5cm
1 x Black Tea with Ginger 20teabags
1 x Black Rice Congee
1 x Ammonium Medium
1 x Bean Vermicelli
1 x Bean Sheet
1 x Chicken Instant Bowl Noodle
1 x Char Siu Sauce
1 x 2 Handle Black Clay Pot 23CM QK2471
1 x Aniseed Whole
1 x Anchovy Fish Sauce Nuoc Mam Ca Com
1 x Bahkuteh Herbal Mix
1 x Banana Milk
1 x 13" Machine Made Wok (SS0487) Round Bottom
1 x Broad Longkow Vermicelli
1 x Cassava Chips Barbeque Flavour (Keripik Singkong)
1 x Beef Jerky
1 x Black Pepper Cracked
1 x Buckwheat Zaru Soba Noodle
1 x 15" Machine Made Wok 2 Handles Flat Base
1 x Bibim Men Korean Spicy Taste Noodle 5pkts